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Automotive Industry in Turkey/Türkiye

Automotive Industry in Turkey/Türkiye hero

In this blog post, We’ll talk about them;

  • How the Automotive industry improved in Turkey/Türkiye,
  • Vehicle production data in years,
  • What is expected in the future?
  • Öztuğ Otomotiv’s position in the Automotive Industry.

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How the Automotive industry improved in Turkey/Türkiye

Turks starts to manufacturing
Turks starts to manufacturing

Today, Turkey/Türkiye expects completely national electric cars that create the great potential to gain momentum in the Automotive Industry. The automotive industry is in the export sector that provides half a million people employed. Apart from all these, Turkey/Türkiye tries to follow global technologies, fuel, and emission changes.

Turkey/Türkiye has a deep background in Automotive. In the 50s, the first factory was established, named Tuzla Jeep factory for the military jeeps and pickup trucks, and following Federal Turkish Trucks Inc. was established that first started assembly and manufacturing.

At that time, the KOÇ group got the world’s first Dealer Assembler from Ford.

Turkey's "Devrim" car
Turkey’s “Devrim” car

In the 60s, OTOSAN was established with the initiative of FORD and KOÇ group and started to produce 12 vehicles per day. Turkey/Türkiye’s new president, Cemal Gürsel, was ordered to manufacture the first national automobile. It is named “Devrim” which means “Reform” automobiles were designed and manufactured in only 135 days but could not continue for political reasons. In that years, the automotive industry gained momentum and established those:

  • “Magirus” Autobus assembly,
  • “Anadol” automobile,
  •  “Tofaş” with Fiat license,
  •  …

In the 70s

  • “Domestic Production” and “Automobile Production” for parts production.

In the 80s

  • Capacity and Technology Investments.

In the 90s

  • Introduction to the “Sustainable Global Competitiveness Process” for design and production for the world market by creating higher added value.

And Its development has increased continuously until today.

COVID-19 has also affected the automobile industry globally, and manufacturing decreased in recent years.

Turkey's "Murat" car
Turkey’s “Murat” car

Vehicle production data in years

Here is Turkey’s 5-year vehicle production:

Turkey's 5-year vehicle production graph
Turkey’s 5-year vehicle production graph
Turkey's vehicle production numbers
Turkey’s vehicle production numbers

What is expected in the future?

Turkey's TOGG electric car
Turkey’s TOGG electric car

Next five years, It is thought Turkey/Türkiye will get 50% growth and enter the top five countries in Europe in the Automotive industry. Also, they expect their electric car, TOGG, will be on the market in 2023.

Öztuğ Otomotiv’s position in the Automotive Industry

Öztug was Founded in 1990 in Bursa and started its facilities with wire production in 30m2 closed area. Now, Öztug has a 12.000 m2 closed production area and produces rubber, plastic, and metal parts for domestic and foreign markets, mainly for the automotive, defense, aviation industry, white goods, furniture, and other industries industrial sectors.

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